11:11 Skate & Surf Tour

by Haul Apparel
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It was the first time something like this was ever happening around here. Skaters from India and Nepal along with some Surfers from India headed for a two week full on Skateboarding and Surfing trip. Milan a.k.a pagalxoro flew all the way from Nepal where he met Happy & Subba and together they set on the road to meet the surfers in Pondicherry. You could feel the excitement of everybody. On our way to Pondicherry to meet the surfers Amit Subba found a spot where we stopped for lunch on the road where he made the gnarly ollie into the sketchy bank. Milan stunned by the spot and manage to clear the whole bank in high speed while the other skaters helped them to stop the moving vehicled on the road. We had found many spots on the way and stopped which cost us time and the surfers couldn’t take it so they went to sleep. Early morning we went to meet them where there was a warm greeting with each other and there was a nice smile at everybody as you greeted because everybody was happy to be a part of what was coming in the next two weeks.

Surfing Legend Velu who has been surfing in India for the last 15 years took us to his home which was destroyed in the cyclone 2 years back. He showed us his house which had broken down from the cyclone and explained to us how his childhood in that house was. He still had about 5 to 6 old surfboard which he had kept safely which he showed us. His house is right by the beach and both Velu and Appu headed for a round of surfing bringing back the old childhood memories. A old skateboard ramp was built in the middle on Pondicherry which should roughly be about a decade old. It was a hard time for the skaters because the weather was hot about 48 degrees.

This trip got many of us who are passionate about different things closer, we eneded up going to each others houses and meeting their families and seeing how simply the lived their live. New friendship was born new understanding to life and a group of friend motivation each other and most of all we were all excited that we were being a part of something extraordinary which was the 11:11 skate and surf tour. There were many moments which will be with us forever. There was Milan who managed to surf his first wave ever in his life. Going to Mahabs we were surprised to see the local Surfing community which has a lot of small local kids surfing. It was to a level that we were all so stoked to see that there are handful of indian kids who are totally living their life. We were surprised and super happy to see all the kids doing these sports because people pay hundreds of thousand of rupees to go abroad and do this but people dont really know that it exists in India. Local Surf Shop Mumu Surf Shop & Temple Surf Boards had been working in Mahabs for the last several years to bring the community to a better understanding amongst each other.

Big thanks to Gautham Kamath the man behind the idea and making all of this happen. It’s something that Gautham has done to Appu, Velu, Subba & Milan that they will remember the trip forever in their life. Sohan one of the founders of Haul Apparel also visited them for the last 5 days where they all skated and surfed together. Appu expressed his feeling about the whole tour where he said “nobody has done this kind of stuff for us, we feel very blessed to be in the tour and have met such friends who have become our family now”. Happy said “it was one hell of a challenge and I was glad I was able to pull it”. Whether it was the hotels, food, travelling etc everything happened because of this man’s dedication. Velu who has been surfing in India for last 15 years has really been looking forward to help the younger generation, he feels that it took a long time for something like this to happen he feels and works hard so that the generation after him have opportunities like this. Hopefully there will more tours like this but not just by Haul Apparel but by many others brands and Individuals who are in India. You can check out the 11:11 Skate & Surf Tour Trailer


Ollie to Manual in Pondicherry – Amit Subba


Here are some more photos from the tour:-





Ollie over the gap on the Highway to Pondi – Milan a.k.a Pagalxoro



Ollie Down the Bank – Amit Subba



Happy with Rock to Fakie in Pondicherry mini ramp



New Generation Indian Surfer Kids in Mahabs



5-o Grind By Subba At Marley’s Mini Ramp at Mahabs


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