No Natural Talent Urban Art Fest India (NNT Fest)

by Haul Apparel
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Our No Natural Talent Urban Art Festival was held at Play Arena on December 2015. Graffiti and Street Artists Sadhu X and Deadline from Nepal along with Graffiti Artist Zake from Mumbai, came together in Bangalore to give something back to the community. The first day started with a collaboration between “Deadline” AKA Shraddha Shrestha and Zake from Mumbai. They created a beautiful piece of art at Play Arena’s area for kids. The two artists transformed it from a plain white wall to a Karate Mural to inspire and motivate the kids.

Shraddha is also a teacher in Tribhuvan University In Nepal. Shraddha is very active at her work, from art exhibition to creating characters for comics. Shraddha also has her own comic book series for kids. Meanwhile, Graffiti Artist Aditya Aryal a.k.a Sadhu X from Nepal likes to represent his style thorough the use of characters. He began by making an abstract Bhairav skateboarding and spraying. In the 5 day span Sadhu X managed to do handful of his favorite characters inside Play Arena.

Aditya, is a Business Degree graduate who began studying fine arts because he wanted to explore his creativity. He is one of the main guys behind the Art Festival, its because of his love for his passion that had brought everyone together. Last year Sadhu X toured around Europe hitting the streets and crashing at friends’ houses along the way, learning the street culture of Graffiti.

The majority of Kathmandu, Nepal is peppered with Murals & Graffiti from both Sadhu X and Deadline. As a team they have managed to spread their art around the city making it more beautiful and vibrant place.

Ukranian Graffiti Artist Egor a.k.a “Fruit” heard about the Graffiti fest happening in Bangalore. He was very eager to join us and incredibly stoked to find his kind of subculture in India. He couldn’t help but leave us a beautiful piece of artwork and share his story of his journey as a Graffiti artist.

Lets not forget about Zake, a freehand Graffiti Artist from Mumbai. At the age of 23 he has surprised and inspired many of the youth. Because of his love for Graffiti, he has a massive following of people that know him for being one of the most recognized Graffiti Artist in India. Zake always wanted to learn Graffiti but never had an opportunity to do so. All of his friends knew that he wanted to learn and one day they spotted some foreigners creating an art piece in the streets of Mumbai. As soon as Zake the call he dropped everything and headed towards where they were. Little did he know that this was the beginning of his artistic journey. Zake got an opportunity from the same dudes to come to Europe and spend some time learning and experiencing the Graffiti Art Scene. Today Zake is one of the best Indian Graffiti Artists and is constantly showcasing his talent around the streets of India.

Zake also managed to do show off his work at Play Arena. He left a photo – realistic art piece of a tiger as gift for the Kids. In Play Arena, there was an area that had kind of a jungle like feeling. So from a picture Shekhar Bansal had taken he managed to create freehand a tiger in the jungle spot that is still there to this day.

All the artists felt the need to teach the younger generations about the knowledge they had in Stencil & Graffiti Art. They held a Stencil & Graffiti workshop for 3 days for which many people came to participate and learn. Play Arena was very helpful and provided us with walls for the new students to practice on. By the end of the workshop, the Artist were ecstatic because all the participants had learnt the basics of Stencil & Graffiti. For any teacher it should feel like everybody they teach is like a child and the goal is to spark some level of passion and creativity.

The local shredders from Escape also turned up at the festival. Escape is a young skateboarding team from Bangalore (Tanvi, Aahan, Kian, Arjun) along with their skateboarding mentors Gautham & Julian kept the skate environment alive. Skateboarding is a major part of all urban street cultures. These younger boys and girls who have started skateboarding have shown better results in the way they think and the way they see challenges. Parents have reported great changes in their kids and prefer to bring their kids to the skatepark rather than anywhere else.

As the music was beginning it was quite an embarrassing time for us as the guy who was supposed to fix the speakers had an issue and wouldn’t be able to fix it on time. While all the confusion was happening, one of the best instrumental bands from India, Mystic Vibes patiently waited to perform. These guys are doing music tours and are used to working with highly professional people. Unable to deal with the set up guy they decided to take matters into their own hands. When bands are presented with these challenges, most of them would probably leave or give up. Fortunately for us, Mystic Vibes was so passionate about their music that they couldn’t wait anymore and got in there to help out with the sound system. The entire band got onto the stage and fixed the sound system on their own which left everybody stunned. Just like their music their attitude was soothing and very humble. After dinner they hung out with us had some beers and laughs. They told us that we are still awesome and that these things do sometimes happen.

Spaghettify a Rock Band from Bangalore played first which got the crowd really amped and excited. By the time they ended the show they had a lot of new fans and followers. It was very inspiring that these guys are still keeping the rock culture alive. After the show they all tried skateboarding and a few of the band members had some almost nasty slams making them realize that they really need their hands to play the instruments. They left the festival with a new found respect for the skateboarders.

Vinay Menon one of India’s best Downhill Mountain Biking rider had come down to film the whole event. The idea of the Urban Art Festival really interested him because he has been following these subcultures even since he was a kid. He added that he was so stoked to show what he saw in the Urban Art Festival and how the subcultures had come together.

by Haul Apparel


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