Haul Tattoo Sessions with John Ma & Eek Glass Pani

by Haul Apparel
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First of all we gotta thank the Nepalese Tattoo Legends John ma & Eek Glass Pani for coming down to bangalore to spread the culture they have been a part of ever since they were growing. These legends came down to India because they are very thankful towards life and are very respectful that the tattoo industry because if they ever got something or anything in life, it was all from the tattoo industry. They are so thankful to tattoo industry that they didn't know how they could ever pay back to such an industry that had given them everything. These Men from Jads Tattoo Nepal and Static Engravers had only one option left and that was to give back to the the Tattoo Industry if any form they could. This is why we all see these men putting and giving 100% love for the Tattoo.

We at Haul Apparel wanted to bring them down to Bangalore India at Play Arena so that they could help the culture and the local artist grow. Few lucky people got some wonderful pieces on their body and lots of Artists came down to see if they could learn something. Many Artists who were friends with John Ma & Eek Glass Pani came down and visited Haul headquarters and hung out. It was a good gathering for everybody to come up together. We headed down to the Farm where they were staying and everybody had some barbecue.

At the end we all learnt something from these legends and the community, it wasn't just about how well you could tattoo but also about your personality as a human being as well, it wasn't just about taking care of your own family but also taking care of brotherhood like a family and motivating each other to become a better person then we were yesterday.

You can watch the video of the first edition when John Ma was Here. Stay Tuned for Eek Glass Pani video coming soon where he kick ass with not just tattoo but also with some sick skateboarding sessions.

Big thanks to Tattoo Cultr, Jads Tattoo, Static Engravers & Play Arena for being a part of the family.

by Haul Apparel


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