Maldives Surf Tour with Indian Surfers

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Three surfers Appu, Santhosh & Velu from India headed off on the 6th of April to Maldives for their first international surf trip together.

Surfing in India began somewhat 15 years back. There were handful of people surfing over the last 15 years and everyone who surfed since then have been surfing underground for the last 15 years. Velu a.k.a “Master” began surfing around 15 years back when he saw some people in Pondicherry. The first time he surfed was when he used a broken board he had fixed with a tonne of glue. Using a makeshift leash out of a coconut tree rope, he made his way to he water. Velu at the age of 19 started surfing purely out of passion and for the first few years he was totally underground. Velu is now 34 and over the last few years this absolute legend has been serving the nurturing the community so that the kids in the future can do what they like to do and have a better future. It’s selfless people like him that use whatever they have to bring a better change in the society.

With Velu is Santhosh who was the 1st runner up at Mahabs Surf Classic. Santosh is another guy who has his own interesting story. Santhosh has been carving stone as an art form for years. It is not an easy skill to learn. He also had another job fishing to earn more for himself and his family. With his experience with stone carving Santhosh was given the opportunity by Dave Hearn at Temple Surf Boards to use his hands to shape new boards instead of rocks. Ever since then he has been shaping surf boards and making it easily available and affordable for the local surfers in India. Santhosh was the first Indian Shaper and now with a couple of years of experience he is one of the best Surfboard Shapers in the country. His surfing and level of progression has earned the respect of many surfers in India. He spends most of his time surfing, shaping boards and fishing.


Appu has very special connection with water. As long as he can remember, he has memories of friends and family hanging out on the beach. His love for water and contribution to society for something better has left many kids in the surfing community to start taking care of the things around them. Appu started his surf school last year and through it he tries to give a lot back to the community. The Kids in Kovallam have found new hobbies and a hobby that teaches them a lot of life not just surfing. These kids actively go clean the beaches because they care about the environment. After the cyclone last year the surfers in that community cleared all the trash that cyclone brought.

I mean all these people are living the lifestyle that we all cannot even dream of. They are living and making their communities better. We people at the city are nowhere close to how good of a life they are living because of surfing and the simplicity that they have taught the whole Haul Apparel Team. There are many international brands that are in India who have done nothing for the Surfing, Skateboarding & Mountain Biking communities in India, even though they are a riding and boarding brands. The whole Haul Apparel Team along with Mahabs Surf Classic, Mumu Surf School, Temple Surf Boards would like to say that you guys really deserve this trip. You guys make our society better and make the whole surfing community proud. Keep up your good work because you guys have inspired and left many speechless. You guys have opened up doors to new industry for the future generations where creativity and passionate have a better future. These boys are in Maldives for a month. They are getting up and surfing every day from point to point. Here are some of the pictures of their tour.

by Haul Apparel


Anupam Agarwal
Anupam Agarwal

Great information to me for the Maldives surf tour with Indian surfers.

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