Quickfire With Milan - A chat with PagalXoro

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We managed to catch up with our man Milan to get the low-down on how 2016 treated him, his plans for 2017, and also to find out just what makes him such a busy guy.

Haul: What’s up Milan? How’s it going?

Milan: I’m great man, currently working on my dreadlocks, as you can see. And I just got a new deck, but it doesn’t have any griptape yet. Not that that’s ever stopped me - I still skated without it! #nogriptapenoproblem


Haul: How was your 2016? Could you sum it up in 5 words.

Milan: 2016 was a kick-ass year. To put it into perspective, for 365 days, I skated nearly 3 hours per day. I also did a load of travelling, like to Thailand with the Whiteline team, to China for the Asian skateboarding champs, and to Bangladesh to find some skaters (but I didn’t have any luck there).


Haul: Have you got any new tricks up your sleeve?

Milan: Yeah I've actually got a couple new ones, for example 50-50 to kickflip, 50-50 to heelflip and nollie 5 O's, to name a few.

Picture Courtesy: Pagalxoro Comeback Video.


Haul: We’ve watched your comeback vlog and loved it! Could you give your fans some insight?

Milan: Now that my episode 2 comeback is out in the open, let me give you some behind-the-scenes intel… Well, one of the trickiest stunts to capture was a line that I was trying in China; it was a manual to kickflip to ollie over 8 stairs. Though it took me a few attempts, I finally did bag it!

Click HERE to watch Milan's comeback! 

Haul: Any big plans for the first half of 2017?

Milan: Yeah, I've actually made some big changes to my schedule this year, by stopping dancing and also quitting my job. Instead, I plan to skate full time this year. For the immediate future, I’ve only got a trip to Bangalore planned, as I really want to meet my brothers from Haul Apparel and skate with them!


Haul: Describe a typical day in the life of Milan?

Milan: Doing what I do, I usually get to have a lie-in, which is great. I end up waking up between 9 or 10 every morning, I then grab some breakfast and head out to my go-to skate spot by around noon. Once I’m there, I shred till it gets dark by around 6pm, and then the other skaters and I tend to hang out at the local cafe for the better half of the evening. After this, I guess I would just go back home, have dinner, watch a few skateboarding videos and browse my social media. And then lights out.


Haul: Tell us about Cryptic Crew.

Milan: Cryptic Crew started in 2015 on youth day, and I'm one of the founding members. The main aim was to increase the level of skateboarding in Nepal, by uniting us skaters to grow as a family, whilst learning new tricks together and supporting each other.

Picture Courtesy: Pagalxoro Comeback Video.
by Haul Apparel


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