Showcasing A Culture - Heartwork Tattoo Festival 2016

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Picture Courtesy: Jads Tattoo.

Tattoo artists from around the world wait to be a part of India's most coveted tattoo Event. Between the 2nd - 4th of December, The Indira Gandhi Stadium Delhi, hosted the Annual Heartwork Tattoo Festival. The event was intended to give a rising subculture, a stage to showcase what it is capable of.

The best artist from many parts of the world came together in one arena to showcase, teach and understand what Tattooing is all about. In the past the Festival has attracted world class artists and this years line up was nothing short of incredible. The Final line - up consisted of upwards of 100 artists from around the world all of which are masters in their respective styles. Notable examples from this years event were Jay Freestyle from Dermadonna Custom Tattoos NL, Stepan Negur of Stepan Negur Tattoo RUS, Fabrice Koch of Fabinkognito GER, John Maharjan from Jads Ink NP, Bimal Rai from Static Engravers NP, Eric Jason D'souza from Iron Buzz Tattoo IND , Deep Kundu from Krayonz Tattoo Studio IND. Being at the event for all three days was such an amazing experience. Talking and understanding all these artists and learning about their work and styles was Inspiring.


Picture Courtesy: Photobooth - M. Farid Jalil

During All three days artists came together through connections/ seminars and pure love for what they do. Each day a "Best" prize was distributed to a single artist in recognition of his work. Everyone who took part came to show off their best work so it was no surprise that the judges had a tough task choosing just one. Everyone's work was exceptional but unfortunately only one artist could take home the prize in each category.

Day 1 - Best Of The Day / Stepan Negur

Day 2 - Best Religious Tattoo / Bimal Rai

Day 3 - Best Of The Day / Mik Lepcha

Not only artists, but Indian Tattoo admirers were gathered in huge numbers to show their support and love for Ink. Many of the crowd who attended got inked by some of the most recognized names in the industry. While the others made connections so they could plan and search for inspiration for their future masterpieces.


Being the Apparel partner for the event, we also got to showcase our very First Winter Collection ahead of the launch date. The response from both Tattoo Artists and Enthusiasts was amazing. As a lot our designs are tattoo influenced, the crowd totally connected to our clothing. Our best seller at the convention was our "Basanti" Pin Up Girl and our premium Snapback hats.


Overall it was a Great Effort from the management team No wonder people wait all year for these three days. We were so stoked we were a part of this Event, we had a tonne of fun. That Shit was So Legit!!

by Haul Apparel


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