The Downhill Destroyer - Suman Tamang

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Picture Courtesy: Sanjog Rai

Suman was born in 1997, June 10 in Kathmandu to Lal Bahadur Tamang and Shanti Tamang. Ever since he received his first bike and as time has gone on, he has evolved into an incredible Mountain Biker. Being one of the most passionate riders on the circuit, Suman has ambitions of reaching the moon and riding back to earth on his mountain bike. Suman loves to ride fast so there is no surprise that he specializes in Downhill Mountain Bike Racing. Downhill racing is a discipline of MTB practiced on steep rough terrain that often features jumps, drops, rock gardens and other dangerous obstacles. It is the most dangerous of all the disciplines.

Picture Courtesy: Shekhar Bansal

Suman started riding 4- 5 years ago and in that time he has participated in over 8 downhill races in Nepal and 2 in Manali, India. In Manali at the Himalayan Mountain Biking Festival he secured the 2nd position in 2015 and secured 1st place in 2016. His incredible performance this year left many rider in his wake who were much more experienced than him. The Manali Himalayan MTB Festival attracts riders from all around the world to participate.

Picture Courtsey: Suman Tamang

In the Nepalese community, most people do not know that Downhill Mountain Biking Exists. Also like most of the other subcultures, it is one of the hardest to follow and still make a living from. So for Suman to achieve what he has so far with what little he has he has made one hell of a statement and in turn, inspired so many others to do the same. All of his achievements have been due to him and the incredible support of family and friends around him. "There is a big hand of my parent's, friends and my supporters who supports me in every situation" he says. " My parents didn't stop me in participating Downhill Racing. Even though its one of the most risky, dangerous and expensive sports, but my parents have and continue to support me as much as they can." Even though all of this success has come from his hard work and dedication, he still appreciates whoever has been there for him along the way. "My parents believe in me and I will always give my best to make them feel proud of me and my passion."

Picture Courtsey: Suman Tamang

Because Mountain Biking is at such a young stage in Nepal, there is a lack of sponsorship for any aspiring riders to help them live the life style they so passionately follow. Because of this Suman and many others like him do not get many opportunities to travel and showcase their talent in the international stage. Because of the lack of external support, There are a few homegrown upcoming companies like Psynyde, Gnarly, Freerider Magazine & Himalayan Bike Bar who have shown interest in these upcoming riders and try and support in any way they can. Just recently Suman received his dream bike as a sponsorship from Haul Apparel. He has been shredding harder and faster ever since.

Picture Courtsey: Sanjog Rai
Aside from Competing, Suman works as a professional mountain bike tour guide in Nepal as a means to support himself and continue to do what he loves so much. Using his expertise, he is able to guide through some of the most treacherous trails in the world, to help his clients experience the raw and powerful nature of mountain biking. Follow Suman on his journey to become one of the most recognized Downhill Riders in South Asia.
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