Spreading The Joy Of Surfing With The Surf Wala Boys

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Goa has been home for many and has been for the founders of Surf Wala Chris, Jono & Anton. The vision that they share together is to spread the joy of surfing to everyone. These men came all the way from Siberia & UK to Goa to spread the stoke that changed their lives which began with Surfboarding. Located in the beautiful beaches of Arambol, it is so hard to resist staying there. We just wanted to briefly share something about the chilled and relaxed vibe we experienced as Surf Wala guests.

Surf Wala Founders

Photo Credit : Anton Hagen

As soon as you enter Surf Wala there is this sudden chill vibe that takes over you. Wherever you are You can still feel the cool sea breeze. If you want to take a break from soaking up the sun you can also relax in the shade and chill during the day.

Surf Wala Big Dancing Space

Webby at Surf Wala

Photo Credit : Anton Hagen

Aside from the chilled vibe and location, most people visit them to learn how to Surf. One of the key aspects of surfing is maintaining core balance. Before you get into the water the Surf Wala Boys have set up a bunch of activities to help beginners understand surf movements.  Activities such as a balance board, and a  slackline are there to help you practise and gain some confidence before getting into the water. Although it is important to be prepared before entering the water, the guys are completely ready to handle anything. At Surf Wala nothing is ever taken too seriously.  As you can see below, Alex enjoying a cup of coffee while chilling on the balance board!

Balance Board at Surf Wala Aramabol

Photo Credit : Anton Hagen

Now, to surf you need waves, and depending on the season Arambol will have plenty of them! Arambol beaches are perfect for beginners & for people who do not know how to swim! The water is not too deep and the waves are the perfect height for beginners to learn how to stand on the board. On a good day the average height of the waves can range between 2ft to 4ft tall!

Chris giving begineer surfing lesson at surf wala goa

Anton Surfing in Goa when good waves in india

Chris Catching some waves in india

Photo Credit : Anton Hagen

The Surf Wala boys are always putting together some sort of event to get people to visit and experience their little slice of Goa. The next one is going to be a Surf Jam on the 20th of February. It’s sort of like a surf competition but with a much more relaxed format. They want to experience something different from the usual competition set up and get strangers in the water to have a good time. The Jam is open to all, so if you have any doubts, ignore them and check it out!

Goa Surf Jam 2018

Photo Credit : Anton Hagen

The most important aspect of the Surf Wala is maintaining the chilled attitude towards life. Whether they’re setting up a get together or a simple surf session, the vibe is always the same. It’s a friendly environment where anyone can come if they just want to get away from all the chaos of city life. It’s one of our favourite places to visit and we can’t wait to back there again! See you guys on the 20th at the Goa Surf Jam. For further information about the Surf Wala Project you can visit their website at www.surfwala.com .

chris playing guitar at surf wala goa

The boys at surf wala build a raft

Photo Credit : Anton Hagen
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