Tattoo By Hauligan Raja From Mettle Ink - Stay Tuned For His Interview

by Haul Apparel
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Raja Mettle Ink Tattoo Hauligan

Starting off the week with something fresh! Our boy Raja Gopalan S from Mettle Ink. putting down some serious work on a full sleeve masterpiece! Damn!

Mettle Ink tattoo by Bablu

Raja from Bangalore is a very creative Artist. 7 Years as a professional artist and his work is being recognised in the Indian & the International Tattoo Scene. Raja is a and hyper artist. His presence can be felt miles away, he loves to talk about different shit in life non stop. 

Tattoo By Hauligan Raja

Recently Raja has been travelling a lot and meeting different artists and he believes that a new artist is being born inside him and he seems to be excited about it. Stay Tuned and we will Share the story of a Bangalore Tattoo artist going wild achieving his dreams to be more creative and just do better art. 

by Haul Apparel


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