What's Our Team Rider Appu Up To?

by Haul Apparel
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A little update on surf team rider Appu.

Well nothing could be worse for a surfer then to stay away from the water. Appu is making sure that he spends all his time in the water doing what he does best – Surfing. After being back from the Maldives tour Appu tried to apply visa around europe so that he could spend his time surfing and learning. But luck for visa wasn't on his side as the embassy didn't give him the visa.

He spent most of his time surfing at Ocean Delight Surf School point in Kovallam. Although the season on the east coast just ended, Rumors are Appu went down south to look for spots and surf. He will be back to Bangalore at Haul Apparel Headquarters at Play Arena in the next few days before he heads out to Goa at Vaayu to begin his season over there. For those of you who are looking forward to surf in India, its best to learn from someone who is very passionate about surfing. You can follow Vaayu to check out where Appu will be teaching over the next few months & get down there to see the different side of life.

Appu fixing his board at Ocean Delight Surf School
by Haul Apparel


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