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    Spiti Awakening - Two India Mountain Bikers Head To Spiti & Ride Hard

    For all you #Hauligans who didn't know, "Spiti Awakening" is out and its incredibly SICK!!

    Riding the untouched zones of Spiti Valley, India, two Indian mountain bikers go in search of the perfect dirt; some marked and some unridden. Watch Vinay Menon and Ajay Padval tread some fresh dust at 4000m.

    Filmed & Edited By : Vinay Menon & Kaushik Sinha
    Fueled By: Psynyde Bikes + Freerider Mountain Bike Magazine 

    Maa Kali Snapback Now In India & Worldwide

    Maa Kali Snapback Hat by Haul Apparel for India & worldwide delivery cool graphic patch snapback cap

    The 'Maa Kali' is one of the 4 new additions to our Snapback Collection! Featuring a customized Woven Patch and embroidery, this snapback is one of a kind. Head to and check out the new editions of snapback hats for passionate hat collector in India & worldwide.

    This particular Kali was made by Kayo Siddhi. For those of you who don’t know what Kali is and what the design is based on then here is a little info. Kali is a Hindu Goddess. Kali is one of the ten Mahavidyas, a list which combines Sakta & Buddhist Goddess. The earliest appearance of kali is the “destroyer of evil forces”, she has been worshipped by devotional movements and tantric sects variously as the divine mother. Kali is often sketched, illustrated or any other forms where she is standing and dancing on her consort, who is the legendary & the favourite god Shiva, who usually lies calm and prostrate beneath her.

    At Haul we have always focused on bringing quality products with amazing styles because we value your hard earned money and when you guys spend one single penny with us we want to make sure that you get the best product.

    Maa Kali On Shiva, & Haul Apparel Kali artwork influence by Kayo Siddhi


    Haul x Royal Challengers Bangalore Snapback Hat

    Haul Apparel X Royal Challengers Bangalore Official Snapback Hats



    When two quality brands come together to collaborate, it makes sense to forge something unique. We are proud to Partner with Royal Challengers Bangalore to present their Official Quality Snapback!

    All you RCB Fans, show some love for your favourite IPL team and wear them out with pride! Check out the Hat Here


    Bangalore Mountain Festival - The Boys are back

    The Bangalore Mountain Festival has been a challenge that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. It was during the Nagaland Downhill race that my fellow mountain biker, Ajay Padval, told me about this competition… and I’ve been having stomach jitters since! Being as busy as we are these days, my riding buddy - Rajesh Magar - and I only managed to plan our venture to Bangalore extremely last minute, and therefore only just made it onto the flight at Kathmandu airport. Yet though that part of the journey was manic, everything was smooth sailing once we reached Bangalore airport, met up with another fellow Nepali mountain biker, Spun LM, and then set off together to the Haul Apparel farm.

    Haul Apparel Mountain Biking In India  Suman Tamang Nepal

    Picture Courtesy: Shekhar Agarwal.

    The following morning, we woke up and got our bikes dialled for the day ahead. Once we reached the race track, we were allowed to do a course walk. It was here that it became clear that the competition was going to be tough, because the trail was rocky compared to those that we ride back home, and there were a lot of places which could cost us precious time to complete. During the course, I really had to push myself hard because I was up against some worthy competitors. Yet, aspiring to be the best meant that I had prepared sufficiently, having done plenty of practice runs in the lead-up to sharpen my game.

    Despite all the preparation I had done prior to the competition, luck got the better of me, because during my seeding run my chain broke. Even so, I continued to ride my bike chainless, and managed to win 5th place. I have to say that I was pretty pissed at the time, because circumstances out of my control meant that I couldn’t give the trail my best run. As if this wasn’t unfair enough, I got a flat tire and couldn’t ride my bike during my final run. The Trail Gods seemed to have it out for me! This left me pretty upset, because I knew how much hard work I had invested, yet I didn’t get a podium spot. Well, s**t happens, right? And though I didn’t get the result I had hoped for, I did have an awesome overall experience.

    Haul Apparel Mountain Biking In India  Suman Tamang Nepal at Bangalore Mountain Festival 2017. Fashion in India at Haul For Youths

    Picture Courtesy: Shekhar Agarwal.

    When the race was over, we went back to Haul Apparel’s farm to hang out with the Haul family. It’s just a completely different vibe over there because of how welcoming and down-to-earth they are. We cracked jokes and shared stories for the rest of the day, messed around with Monkey (the dog), and even cooked and ate Nepali dishes together like a real family. Whenever we’re there, it just feels like a home away from home. So thank you so much to our Haul family for your kindness, love and support towards us. I am so proud to be a part of your team.

    Haul Apparel Mountain Biking In India  Suman Tamang Nepal at Bangalore Mountain Festival 2017

    Picture Courtesy: Shekhar Agarwal.

    Like I said earlier, I am disappointed that I didn’t earn a podium spot during the Bangalore Mountain Festival. But that’s not what life’s all about. What I did gain was some great Indian friends, and some more skills to boost my chances at the next race, Nepal Downhill Nationals. Time to put on my training shoes again!

     Haul Apparel Mountain Biking In India  Suman Tamang Nepal at Bangalore Mountain Festival 2017

    Picture Courtesy: Shekhar Agarwal.

    Lastly, I would like to thank my main sponsors: Haul Apparel Nepal for the new bike its has given me more confidence and i have been training really hard. You guys have always been so supportive of my dream, and give me the means to keep racing! I would also like to thank everyone who made this journey happen.

    I promise to work my absolute hardest in this sport, and with your love and support, let’s hope that these upcoming races promise better results!


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