Iron Buzz Pro Seminar - Grab A Seat While You Can!

by Haul Apparel
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Iron Buzz Pro Seminar
Experienced Tattoo Hauligans LISTEN UP!! Do you want to know how master tattoo artists work? Then this three day Colour Realism & Black n’ Grey realism Tattoo Seminar is for you! Conducted by the Master of clean realism work Eric Jason D'souza. The Seminar will be held at Iron Buzz Tattoos in Mumbai on July 9-10-11th 2018.
The price for the seminar is 20,000 rupees which is well worth it all things considered! If you are interested in participating let us know! Or better yet, contact Iron Buzz Pro directly on +918291921990 ! There are literally less that 10 spaces left! #shitslegitsogogetit
by Haul Apparel


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