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    Snapback Hats 50% OFF


    Since Day one, we at Haul Apparel have focused on bringing out the Best Quality Snapback Caps for all of our customers both Men and Women alike. We value the time our customers spend working to earn their salaries, and we want to make sure that the value for every Rupee they are spending is worth it.

    All our Hats incorporate the world renowned Flexfit Technology. This features a polyurethane spandex weave in the sweatband and feeds throughout the entire crown. This provides the customer with a superbly comfortable fit. Simply put, it is the original technology which creates a one of a kind construction.

    The material composition of our hats varies throughout all of our styles. This allows certain hats to be suitable for different kinds of weather. We use 100% Organic Cotton & 80 % Acrylic 20% Wool. These material combinations make all our caps a perfect choice for all seasons.

    All Haul Apparel Snapback Hats come with an adjustable rear closure. Because of the head size differences between Men & Women we had to implement something to cater to both. The clasps we provide are in two options but also in multiple colourways. They range from a Plastic Snap Clasp for functionality and an Adjustable Leather Strapback Clasp to give a high quality premium look.

    The popularity of the Snapback culture has grown because of the Hip- Hop era in the early 2000’s. Using the culture we have implemented a similar design style in our headwear. The design of our hats feature customised Leather Embossed Labels, 3D Embroidery Labels & Woven Embroidery Label. We stand for creativity and our designs speaks for the culture and subcultures we believe & promote.

    Commonly known as a Snapback or Hip- Hop cap, its shape is the key feature of the product. Our caps are supposed to be taken care of properly in order to retain its shape. In order for your convenience and safety of the hat we provide you a snapback hat box which can hold up to 3-4 hats inside it. When travelling, we strongly urge our customers to use the box in order to respect, value and maintain the shape of the cap. Haul Apparel Snapback and Strapback Hats have a thick layer of acrylic sheet in the brim which helps maintain rigidity. All of our ‘Hip Hop’ shaped caps feature a straight flat brim when purchased. However, if you are a fan of the bended brim you do have the choice to manually bend the brim as per your own personal style preference.

    We are also the proud manufacturer and distributor of the Official Snapback Hats for one of the best and most popular franchise cricket teams in India. “The Royal Challengers Bangalore" partnered with us for the 2017 season to bring a new element of style to the game. They currently compete in the Indian Premier League.

    Because of our style, creativity and reach, many famous Male & Female celebrities have flaunted our hats. To name a few, EDM Star Nucleya, Tattoo Artist Eric Jason D’Souza, Hip-Hop Rapper Vivian Fernandes A.K.A Divine have been seen frequently rocking our Snapback and Strapback hats and representing Haul Apparel.